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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""The yafitss http server
The server accepts a number of GET and POST calls allowing to work remotely on a collection of FITS files containing images.
Each method GET or POST of an HTTP server expects zero, one or more parameters which
are passed via a dictionary mechanism, i.e a sequence of key:value pairs. Of course
this is true for yafitss, but in order to give the server the flavour of a domain specific
language a convention for the names of the keys is adopted.
Returned value
Each method returns a compound result with the following format :
{"status": True of False, "message": <some text mostly used when something went wrong>, "result" : <the expected result or None>}
The yafitss http server
from bottle import route, run, get, request, view, default_app, response, error, static_file
......@@ -200,13 +218,30 @@ def rangeToDMS():
return result
Given relFITSFilePath read corresponding the FITS file in memory
returns the FITS header of that file.
@route( baseUrl+'/setData', name='setData', method='GET')
def setData():
""" Load a FITS file in memory.
If it's not already present in memory loads a FITS file in memory.
relFITSFilePath:<relative path to the FITS file> ( string )
The header of the FITS file in case of success
logger.debug("setData - wrapper : entering")
relFITSFilePath = rebuildFilename(request.GET['relFITSFilePath'])
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