Commit c5253dbd authored by Caillat Michel's avatar Caillat Michel
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Added a style.display=none at the beginning of the code which plots the SummedPixelsSpectrum

parent 1bcda087
......@@ -1795,6 +1795,7 @@ var SAMPPNGPublishControl = (function (Control) {
$.post("",{"method":"getAverageSpectrum", "relFITSFilePath":_relFITSFilePath, "iRA0": iRA0, "iRA1": iRA1, "iDEC0": iDEC0, "iDEC1": iDEC1 }).done(function(resp) {
console.log("SummedPixelsSpectrumViewer : callback of getAverageSpectrum: entering ");
var x = JSON.parse(resp);
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