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Clone of the project.
## Adapting the configuration file
## Before building the images composition.
The steps below are absolutely mandatory for a successful build and execution of the images. **Do not skip them**.
### Adapt the configuration file
`yafits` is designed to be easily shared and deployed on a platform where the docker and docker-compose applications are available after having defined a couple of environment variables.
Prior to any other action :
......@@ -53,7 +57,10 @@ Prior to any other action :
* Copy the configuration file template `.yafits.bashrc.dist` to a location and a name of your choice (e.g. `$HOME/.yafits.bashrc`) and edit its content accordingly with your local environment.
* Execute the edited configuration file (e.g. `. $HOME/.yafits.bashrc`)
### Customize the Welcome message file.
Copy the file `<..>/yafits/yafitsv/public/Welcome.html.dist` to `<..>/yafits/yafitsv/public/Welcome.html`and possibly adapt its content to your specific service.
## Building the images composition
* Launch the build command : it'll take some time due to the CENTOS base and Anaconda installations.
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