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  • v5.1.0
  • v5.0.1
    bug fix from Horst Steuer to fix ZpandasPickleWarning
  • v5.0.0
    f8725637 · COMPASS V5 release ·
    COMPASS V5 release
            PEP 8 application in shesha.supervisor
            PEP 8 style in carma / sutra
            Add CUDA 11 support
            Make MAGMA an optional dependency
            New supervisor architecture using components and optimizers
            Remove get_centroids --> becomes get_slopes
            Old behavior of get_slopes was to call compute_slopes, which compute and return. Directly use compute_slopes instead
            Remove get_all_data_loop functions from abstractSupervisor and AoSupervisor : unused
            Remove computeImatModal from AoSupervisor : not used and not implemented
            set_gain was able to set mgain also depending on the parameter given. Change the function to be more explicit : set_gain only set scalar loop gain while set_modal_gain set the modal gain vector
            Rename set_mgain to set_modal_gain
            Rename get_mgain to get_modal_gain
            Remove write_config_on_file from AoSupervisor, and rename it getConfigFab in canapassSupervisor
            Rename set_global_r0 to set_r0
            Rename getIFsparse to get_influ_basis (to make difference with get_influ)
            Rename getIFtt to get_tt_influ_basis
            Rename getIFdm to compute_influ_basis
            Remove getTarAmpliPup (unused)
            Remove reset function, use reset_simu instead
            Remove setModalBasis : unused
            Remove computePh2ModesFits : unused
            Rename setPyrSourceArray in set_pyr_modulation_points
            set_pyr_modulation becomes set_pyr_modulation_ampli
            Signature changes in setPyr*Source : wfs_index first is mandatory
            Add new parameter in PWFS : p_wfs._pyr_scale_pos to store the scale applied to pyr_cx and pyr_cy before upload. Useful for Milan functions
            Rename recordCB in record_ao_circular_buffer
            Signature changes for set_fourier_mask, set_noise, set_gs_mask : wfs_index as first argument and mandatory
            Remove compute_wfs_images : not used
            Rename set_dm_shape_from into set_command
            Add new parameter in PDMS : p_dms[0]._dim_screen to store the dimension of the DM shape screen
            Add components module : this module defines classes to handle implementation of AO components such as Wfs, Dm, Rtc and so on. For now, only compass implementations are coded, but an abstraction for each component will be developed to allow third party library implementation
            Add optimizers module : this module defines classes to operate on the supervisor components for AO optimization. It could include many algorithms, define in some “thematic” class. For now, it includes ModalBasis class (for modal basis computations) and Calibration class (for interaction and command matrices). User defined algorithms that do not fit into one of those classes should be written in an other new class with an explicit name to be used by the supervisor.
            Remove abstractSupervisor
            Remove aoSupervisor
            Remove the simulator module : methods have been moved into the right component
            Add file to define code guidelines
            Add unit tests for each method accessible from a compassSupervisor using pytest. Each contribution should define a new unit test
            Add templates for issue and merge request
  • v4.4.2
    82a54c02 · Release v4.4.2 ·
    Release v4.4.2
    - Fix COMPASS Ray tracing with LGS bug
    - New feature : change wind on the fly
    - Debug modal opti with Btt
    - Add custom DM feature
    - Add  method in libcarma
  • v4.4.1
    a0843ce8 · Release v4.4.1: ·
    Release v4.4.1
  • v4.4.0
    c633ded0 · Release v4.4.0: ·
    Release v4.4.0:
     * Debug issue with Kepler architecture
     * Multi GPU controller reworked
     * Update pages-doc
     * Add useful keyworks in ```rtc_cacao``` loopframe
     * Add ```reset_coms``` function in ```sutra_controller```
     * Update Jenkinsfile
  • v4.3.2
    cc1caf08 · Release v4.3.2: ·
    Release v4.3.2:
    * Support for controller delay > 2.0
    * Add Jenkinsfile
    * Multi-GPU controller
    * Debug FP16 feature
    * Debug 2matrices mode of generic controller
    * Minor debug
  • v4.3.1
    7c0aadbb · Release v4.3.1 ·
    Release v4.3.1  * Add spider rotation and circular obstruction for ELT-like pupils * New feature : image with the selected pixels of the maskedpix centroider * Debug maskedpix to divide the image by the mean value of the pixels instead of the sum * Fix maskedpix get_type method * Add cone effect for the altitude conjugated DM in case of LGS WFS
  • v4.3.0
    dd67d67d · Release v4.3.0 ·
    Release v4.3.0
    * change license to GNU LGPL-v3
    * add Turing support
    * add DM registration feature
    * add AoSupervisor class on top of CompassSupervisor and BenchSupervisor
    * SH WFS can handle big subapertures (before it was limited to 20x20)
    * add LUTpix in calibration process to reorder pixels
    * possibility to compute target SR fitted on a0 sinc function
    * modification of pyramid centroider to use CUB
  • v4.2.0
    1e940978 · Release v4.2.0 ·
  • v4.1.0
    a3fd6128 · Release v4.1.0 ·
  • v4.0.1
    e9dfd478 · Release v4.0.1 ·
  • v3.2
    85e796f2 · Release v3.2 ·
  • v3.0
    dc6393e0 · Release v3.0 ·
  • v2.1
    9505682f · update to V2.1 ·
  • v2.0
    5ee754af · update to V2.0 ·
  • v1.1
    73319a18 · update to V1.1 ·
  • v1.0
    daa2f543 · Release v1.0 ·