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      Modify the prescription for time_origin format · e6cc611f
      Taylor Mark authored
      It turns out that the DALI prescription for ISO-8601-like timestamps
      is not quite suitable here since it can't cope with dates BCE,
      so the time_origin value for time_coords_id='jd' in Appendix B
      would not be compatible.
      So remove reference to DALI and just present a pattern that should
      be comprehensible to readers, with a vague reference to ISO8601.
      I have also removed the (optional) 'Z' timezone indicator;
      DALI says "Astronomical values never include a time zone indicator",
      allowing Z only for "civil" dates (see DALI v1.1 sec 3.3.3).
      Finally I removed the optional ".000" from the predefined values,
      since they don't provide much value.  Users can still supply
      fractional seconds if they want to, as should be clear from the examples.
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      Reorder and improve consistency of CRS section · 1d51edc5
      Taylor Mark authored
      Modify Section 4 (Coordinate Reference System) so that the Local CRS
      (the only one recommended) comes first and the other two,
      Linked and Named (not recommended) come afterwards.
      The previous sequence was Linked (not recommended), Local (recommended),
      Named (not recommended) which seemed unnecessarily confusing.
      (An alternative would be to drop the two sections on non-recommended
      CRS variants altogether).
      Also adjust the structure of the Named CRS section to match that
      of the Linked CRS section (separate numbered subsection on the
      properties object), fix a couple of typos where the wrong CRS
      type was written. and adjust capitalisation to be consistent.
      Finally remove the sentence "The TimeCoords reference position is
      defined in the RefPosition property of the CRS." which looks like
      it was left over from an earlier version, since RefPosition has
      been replaced by ref_position_id whose use is explained elsewhere.
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      Fix winding order of Polygon/MultiPolygon holes in examples · 40bf8763
      Taylor Mark authored
      According to RFC7946 section 3.1.6, GeoJSON polygon hole vertices
      MUST be specified in a clockwise direction.
      Fix the examples in A.3 and A.6 to follow these rules.
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      typos · 8990d313
      Taylor Mark authored
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