Commit f59e39df authored by Roy Fabrice's avatar Roy Fabrice
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allocate: to be finished and tested

parent 2baa4a27
......@@ -90,10 +90,15 @@ contains
!> @param[in] last_halo_index : index of the last halo in this array
subroutine Allocate_halos_array(this, first_halo_index, last_halo_index)
use error_codes_m, only : ALLOCATE_ERROR_CODE
use error_handling_m, only : ERR_MSG_LEN, Allocate_error
class(halos_array_t), intent(out) :: this
integer(INT32), intent(in) :: haloes_number
integer(INT32), intent(in) :: first_halo_index
integer(INT32), intent(in) :: last_halo_index
integer :: alloc_stat
character(ERR_MSG_LEN) :: error_message
#ifdef DEBUG
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