Commit 16e06913 authored by Caillat Michel's avatar Caillat Michel
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cleaned the code and modify the order of some parameters

parent 737b39e2
......@@ -234,9 +234,8 @@ class DataManagerImpl :
self.__logger.debug("getOneSliceAsPNG : exiting.")
return result
def getSummedSliceRangeAsPNG( self, iFREQ0, iFREQ1, relFITSFilePath, **kwargs):
def getSummedSliceRangeAsPNG( self, relFITSFilePath, iFREQ0, iFREQ1, **kwargs):
self.__logger.debug("getSummedSliceRangeAsPNG : entering.")
self.__logger.debug("iFREQ0=%r, iFREQ1=%r"%(iFREQ0, iFREQ1))
result = self.__checkPresence(relFITSFilePath)
if result["status"]:
result = self.__dataBlocks[relFITSFilePath].getSummedSliceRangeAsPNG(iFREQ0, iFREQ1, **kwargs)
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