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Suggestions to improve CRS section

Taylor Mark requested to merge crs-adjust into v1.0-rc2

Modify Section 4 (Coordinate Reference System) so that the Local CRS (the only one recommended) comes first and the other two, Linked and Named (not recommended) come afterwards. The previous sequence was Linked (not recommended), Local (recommended), Named (not recommended) which seemed unnecessarily confusing.

(An alternative would be to drop the two sections on non-recommended CRS variants altogether).

Also adjust the structure of the Named CRS section to match that of the Linked CRS section (separate numbered subsection on the properties object), fix a couple of typos where the wrong CRS type was written. and adjust capitalisation to be consistent.

Finally remove the sentence "The TimeCoords reference position is defined in the RefPosition property of the CRS." which looks like it was left over from an earlier version, since RefPosition has been replaced by ref_position_id whose use is explained elsewhere.

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