Commit d2d5c345 authored by Roy Fabrice's avatar Roy Fabrice
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new FHI install dir

parent 6035ae2f
FHIDIR = $(HOME)/Codes/fortran-hdf5-interface
FHIDIR = /opt/fhi/1.0/hdf5/1.12.0/openmpi/4.0.4/gcc/10.2.0/
FHIMOD = $(FHIDIR)/include
# Optional precompiler options used in the code:
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ FHILIB = $(FHIDIR)/lib
# -DOPTI: uses new algorithm to distribute halos and particles amongst processes (under development and buggy)
# GNU release flags
FCFLAGS= -O3 -g -J$(MODDIR) -cpp -DLONGINT -DNPRE=8 #-fconvert=big-endian # -DLONGINT -DOPTI
FCFLAGS= -O3 -g -I$(FHIMOD) -cpp -DNPRE=8 #-fconvert=big-endian # -DLONGINT -DOPTI
# GNU debug flags
DEBUGFLAGS= -O0 -g -J$(MODDIR) -Wall -Wextra -finit-real=zero -finit-integer=0 -std=f2008 -fcheck=all -fbacktrace -fmax-errors=10 -cpp -DDEBUG -ffpe-trap=invalid,zero -DLONGINT -DNPRE=8 #-DDEBUGHDF5 #-DLONGINT #-DOPTI -fconvert=big-endian
DEBUGFLAGS= -O0 -g -I$(FHIMOD) -Wall -Wextra -finit-real=zero -finit-integer=0 -std=f2008 -fcheck=all -fbacktrace -fmax-errors=10 -cpp -DDEBUG -ffpe-trap=invalid,zero -DNPRE=8 #-DDEBUGHDF5 #-DLONGINT #-DOPTI -fconvert=big-endian
LDFLAGS=-g -L$(FHILIB) -lfortran-hdf5-interface-mpi
MKDIR_P=mkdir -p
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